We are.


Funktion: Gitarre, Songwriting, Produktion
Equipment: Peavey 6505 + Hughes & Kettner 4×12 Cab, ESP F 400 FM, ESP Viper, Washburn X 50 PRO FE, Boss Noise Gate, Boss Tuner, some funny wireless-system
Top 5 Alben: Fear My Thoughts – Vulcanus, Dismember – Death Metal, Andy McKee – Art of Motion, Faust Again – Hope Against Hope, In-Quest – The Comatose Quandaries



Funktion: Drums
Equipment: Pacific FX Serie … Dofuma Sonor dp 492 s und sonst Becken bunter mix + Porno Hocker
Top 5 Alben: Soilwork – Natural Born Chaos, Scarve – Irradiant, The Arcane Order – The Machinery Of Oblivion, Chimaira – Chimara, Parkway Drive – Killing With A Smile


Funktion: Vocalism, Webauthoring
Equipment: Fame MS 55
Top 5 Alben: Volbeat – The Strength / The Sound / The Songs, Five Finger Death Punch – The Way Of The Fist, Broilers – Vanitas, Dagoba – What Hell Is About, Thrice – Vheissu



Funktion: Bass
Equipment: Ibanez SRX-505 5 String, GK 1001 RB2, GK 410SBX, GK 115SBX-2
Top 5 Alben: Tool – Lateralus, Parkway Drive – Killing With A Smile, The Black Dahlia Murder – Unhallowed, As I Lay Dying – Frail Words Collapse, Killswitch Engage – Alive Or Just Breathing


Funktion: Gitarre
Equipment: Yamaha Axt Schlagmichtot, Marshall Transe, Boss GX700, Wah-Gedöhns
Top 5 Alben: Between The Buried And Me – Alaska, Lamb Of God – Ashes Of The Wake, The Agony Scene – The Darkest Red, Disharmonia Mundi – Fragments Of D-Generation, Scar Symmetry – Pitch Black Progress